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1. It all starts with an idea..

We source and acquire the land with the greatest potential. Thinking forward, we brainstorm all the great possible ideas for the site, assign a single project manager and get ready to get moving. 

4. Waste services are here..

The Hydraulic Infrastructure team commence their works with not the most attractive job but one that we do very well. 

7. Let the communications begin..

NBN and other scopes of communication are designed and brought in by the skilled Electrical Distribution team. 

2. Sketch, imagine and dream up the estate plan..

Design engineers begin to draw up what we envision. From the glitz and glamour to the essentials, we create plans for the end picture. 

5. H20 starts to bring life..

In no time at all, the Hydraulic Infrastructure team complete their works and everything starts flowing, just like water. 

8. The civil team finalises your dream..

Universal’s construction crew make a return as the project begins to come to a close. Roads are constructed and builders come in to start the process of making the works resemble something familiar to all. 

3. Infrastructure arrives..

The Civil Construction team build on the design engineers’ plans to commence the skeleton and the skin for the remainder of the services.

6. We have light..

Power is set up in every possible form, whether it is underground, overhead, public and more, we have the specialised team for you. 

9. The dream is here..

As works come to an end, Universal finishes up your project. The end product is something that we are proud to label as our own and you are proud to call your new asset.

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